Jim’s trip to Uganda 2014

On December 14, 2014 Elder Jim Ramsay attended the annual Christmas Carnival of Victory City Church Rubaga, in Kampala Uganda. Jim preached the sermon at the morning services, interpreted into Luganda at 8:30 am and directly in English at 10:30 am. He preached Christmas messages about Mary’s song, the Magnificat and about the meaning of Jesus’ two family trees in Luke and Matthew.

At 1:30 pm the festival began. Neighbours come to hear a brief message and then to be given gifts of food and clothing. About 1500 were expected between 1:30 and 5:00 pm, but they kept coming until well after 6:30 (night falls at 7 pm in Kampala) and an estimated 2500 were served. No one went away disappointed, thanks in part to a donation made by Faith Reformed Church members at a luncheon held on November 30.

Here are a few photos.