The Consistory is the ruling board of the church. It includes a Board of Elders and a Board of Deacons elected by the congregation. The pastor serves as the President of the Consistory. The Consistory meets each month and receives reports from the various ministries of the congregation. The elders organize worship and communion services, admit new members, exercise discipline and are responsible to see to it that the sermons preached are biblically faithful. The deacons provide for the needs of the congregation, take care of the physical plant, bring down a budget for congregational approval and see to it that the books are audited annually.

Pastor Michael Saville

Board of Elders
Boyd deWaard
Alastair Fraser (Vice-President of Consistory)
Helen Hill
Ben Van Leur

Board of Deacons
Margaret Plyley
Dave Mantle
Jerry Pirson
Ken Burden (Acting Chairman)